Just a few short years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you about the toxins in literally everything Americans are consuming, slathering and inhaling. But today, I can tell you a little. There are definitely a million people who know more than I do but NO ONE who will teach you from right where you are today FUNLY. Know more than me already? YASSSS. Teach me what you know! I’ll teach you what I know and we will have a great time doing all of it. I am particularly great at teaching you about natural living, making you laugh AND definitely REAL GOOD at helping you create abundance from what you learn. Sound fun?


Thieves Household Cleaner
Why I Love It >

I bet we all can agree that being able to clean your whole house with one cleaner is pretty LEGIT.

I love Thieves Household Cleaner because is a natural & healthy product that replaced a number of cleansers filled with harsh chemicals that use to be in my house. PLUS #hellocabinetspace

This green, ecologically friendly, plant‐based cleaner contains Thieves essential oil blend and therapeutic‐grade lemon oil for extra cleaning power, plus it’s 100% plant‐ and mineral‐based. I may never like cleaning, but I feel good about what I’m using in my home.

Why I Love It >
Ningxia Red 2 Pack

Let me tell you a little about my secret weapon. I drink Ningxia on the daily, and I can’t even put into words how much my health and emotional stability has changed since starting. I sleep better, feel better, I am happier, I am calmer, my skin is glowing, and overall I am a better version of myself.

This is because Ningxia Red includes support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. I take a daily shot of 2–4 ounces to support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants. Plus, it tastes so yummy!

Valor Roll-On
Why I Love It >

Courage in a BOTTLE. There are too many good things about Valor to list. For reals, I’d lose you about 3 hours in when you get bored of reading my list. I’ll give you my top few so we can still be friends, K?!

💜Boosts courage & confidence
💜Feels amazing on the shoulders, head and neck
💜Initiates calm mind & uplifts mood
💜Fabulous during massage or after a chiropractic adjustment
💜Soothing to the jaw and other joints
💜Excellent for Snorers…yep, it’s true
💜Balances the Spirit and great for Memory
💜Amazing Workout Support
💜Supports restful sleep in adults and little ones

Why I Love It >
Zyng Energy Drink

Zyng helps me do #allthethings. All the energy without the afternoon crash that happens with other less equal, not good for you drinks. I’m not real sure how I’d do life without it.

Essential oil-infused goodness with whole-fruit wolfberry puree found in our popular superfruit supplement, NingXia Red. Along with sparkling water, pear and blackberry juices, and a hint of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils. None of those artificial flavors and preservatives. With only 35 calories, this is the Real McCoy. ←fun fact: Neal McCoy is from my hometown.

Pro tip: You can add a drop of your favorite Vitality oil for an extra boost!

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